Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Dolls

My New Designs

As a child I remember growing up with a desired to have many dolls, I'm an only child and my dad passed away when I was only 5 years old. My mother had to work hard to support me. I recall that where she worked there was always for Christmas a celebration for all the emplyees and their families, so the children used to recived presents. I always wanted to have a doll and I always got tea sets ;( not happy child. One Christmas finally my mother buy a Doll and that was the first one I got, I was 7 then at 11 years old I got another one(this one was a doll that prayed) then when I was 17 I bought 2 dolls lol. This is what inspired me to try to design dolls. I wanted to make them ut of fabric but I'm not too good at making outfits with fabic. I decided to make them with the art that I most know and this is why I made them in crochet.
Let me tell you that I really enjoyed making them. One of the challanges I had was the face, because I did not want it to be creapy. I think I did good. LOL ;)