Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Five Petals Crochet Button Flower Tutorial

After seeing this online in another language and many asking how to make them I decided to make a tutorial. This will help you to understand more how to work with buttons and yarn to make a flower. This ideas is wonderful because you can attach hair clips to make a nice hair accessory for girls.What do you need to make this:. yarn can be left overs.
. a 0 mm hook or any that is able to go through the opening of the button
. buttons any colour of preference.
. scissors 

Abraviations:Sl- slip stitchDc- double crochetch-chain  

Insert the hook in the opening of the button, wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through the opening

Sl stich 

Ch 3, insert in the next opening of the button, pull through sl, ch 3 and repeat for the rest of the openings

to make the fifth petal you have to insert the hook one more time in the first one you made.

5Dc in the 3ch space, then sl in the next space 

sl and make the edge by adding another colour

sl in each dc space in the previous row. for the entire row.

Fasten and cut the yarn. you are done.
here are some other examples of colours you can use.