Thursday, 4 September 2014

How to make the Cuddly Bear Face Applique

Many of you were asking on how to make the cuddly bear face.

Well here it is the tutorial for you. this will be one of my first tutorials.

So Get you hook and your yarn and let's start!!
You will need :
Any yarn colour you want, it can be left overs.(about 60g)
Crochet hook size 3.5mm(depending on the yarn)Black yarn about a mt. (for the muzzle of the bear)

2 Black beads (for the eyes)Tapestry needle for the bear’s muzzle


DC - Double Crochet
Ch. - Chain
Sl st - Slip Stitch
SC- Single Crochet

St- stitch

Note* On how to insert yarn on a bead here is the link

Once you have the 2 beads on your yarn, you can start making the bear face.

Row1: 6sc in a magic ring

Close the ring

Sl st, into the first sc, then chain 1.

Row2: Sc in each ch space (6sc total) (here you are making the muzzle)

Row 3: sl st, ch1, 2sc in each space across the row. (Total 12 sc) Sl st in the first sc.

Row4: ch3, 2 dc in each ch space, continue 2dc until you have 9 dc, drag the bead into the next dc (as shown) and make a dc in the same st space.

Continue 2Dc, until you get 6 dc more; drag the other bead (you are making the other eye).

Finish the row with 2dc in each ch space. sl st,(should have 24 dc)

Row5: ch3 (counts as dc),dc into the same ch space, dc in the next ch space, 2dc in the next ch space, dc in the next ch space, repeat around the row. Sl st and cut yarn. (should have 36 st. or dc)

 The bear ears
You should determine where they will be, I counted 2dc below the eyes.  Inset the hook where you should start the ear, pull the yarn through the loop, and make a 6dc in the same stich, skip a ch space and sl stich.

Sl stitch for 5 ch spaces more

Skip a st and 6dc in the same stich space. (You are making the other ear) 

Skip on ch space and then finish off by sl stiches in each ch space around the row.